ASIC Recovery

ASIC Recovery sober living serves men of all ages who are transitioning from treatment to everyday life, or just need that extra level of care. We’ve found that living in a sober living, working closely with a recovery coach and having a fellowship of accountability greatly increase the outcome of long term sobriety. Our sober living is located in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas, and our clients enjoy a new home with state-of-the-art appliances furnished with comfortable amenities. Our program is rooted in a community mindset and we encourage all of the men in our program to hold one another accountable for their behaviors. We foster an environment of care and concern for one another and have seen the best way to help one’s self can often to be to help another. All of our clients are required to attend 12-Step meetings and work the steps with a sponsor. We are located down the street from one of the oldest 12-Step groups in Fort Worth. While at ASIC Recovery, our clients are also required to obtain employment, go to school or volunteer. The Dallas-Fort Worth area features a thriving job market and we are located near many great retailers that provide excellent opportunities to gain employment that is appropriate for early sobriety. Our clients are also required to attend weekly house meetings and accountability meetings.

All of our clients are assigned a recovery coach. The recovery coach will meet with the client individually to help identify goals, life skills and address any issues that may be blocking the individual from sustained success and happiness. This process provides all of our clients with the specialized care that they may have lacked in the past, and is extremely effective. The same recovery coach will work with the client throughout the entirety of the program. The recovery coach will be familiar with what issues may have stopped a client from long-term sobriety in the past, and this continued relationship helps provide sustained accountability after a client transitions out of our sober living house. Our program is designed to provide specialized and comprehensive care in an affordable manner.

Other services that help support a newly sober individual in recovery, that we recommend, are Intensive Outpatient (IOP) for substance abuse. That includes supportive treatment for both alcohol and drugs. it’s a 3 days a week group therapy sessions and one individual therapy session a week. Our ASIC Recovery Services counseling center for IOP can help with that full rap around service. No other facility in Fort Worth offers both sober living and IOP. Keeping both Services at one place helps with consistency and creates an unmatched level of care, that others can’t provide. For more information on ASIC Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient program, please follow the link and let us know how we can help.


  • Be clean from drugs and alcohol
  • Adult males 18 and older
  • 3 month commitment stay in our sober living with option to stay longer.
  • Optional aftercare that includes continued one-on-one coaching

What to Expect

  • All clients must obtain a sponsor and work all 12-Steps
  • Clients must attend house meetings, coaching accountability meetings, and 12-step meetings
  • Clients will work with a personal recovery coach and attend one-on-one sessions
  • Clients must obtain employment, go to school or volunteer
  • Accountability within a community environment

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